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Riky 5196
it works for me
Comment from : Riky 5196

Ameer Majdoub
Thanks 👍🏻 it worked and now i'm a billionaire 👌🏻😂
Comment from : Ameer Majdoub

Ioni Faith Patacsil
I cant find the app in the applications though i installed it in microsoft store. What should i do?
Comment from : Ioni Faith Patacsil

robert miller
I followed instructions to the T.... I totally have a billion diamonds!!!!!
Comment from : robert miller

bro this still works thank you so much you really helped me out
Comment from : LYFG SOLO

Bhautik Patel
I cannot do it can you help me with that please you can Skype me also please
Comment from : Bhautik Patel

Camila Cuba
I can't find ''02 00 00 05'' what can I do?
Comment from : Camila Cuba

tracy firestone
I downloaded it, and am trying to get this to work. I cannot make out what value you are typing, because it looks like a value is very blurry to my eyes.
I do not have a New Scan show up on my downloaded cheat, but I do have First Scan, and click it.
The only thing that happens is that this pop-up appears.
X Scan error:controller; No readable memory found

I attemtt using tutorial, and i have no way of finding the value.

It says password 090453

Step 2 Exact Value Scanning (Pw=090453)
I cannot seem to get the correct 1000 value,

I appreciate any help with this please.

I badly need diamonds for the game, and I am unable to get any, or enough. And I am at the point that I need diamonds for everything, and I am unable to spend real money.

Please help.

Comment from : tracy firestone

Martin Wall
hey can somone help me please i put the value in but nothing happens
Comment from : Martin Wall

Dark [Coffee] Flare
Well, it actually worked. If anyone is having questions with this method I am sure to help. Good job man, you bypassed the anti cheat system in a smart way!
Comment from : Dark [Coffee] Flare

Aditya Tatuskar
Dear Helpertotheneedy, I use a Mac and I don't know how to do the hack here... is it possible for you to send me some diamonds? I can send you something else maybe..  My nickname is 'Adi'.
Comment from : Aditya Tatuskar

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